The Origin and Its Meaning

On the Origin of the Universe and Its Mechanics,

The Mechanism and Origin of Intelligence,

And the Implications for the Individual and Society

by Roger Ellman

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Origin Cover.pdf

Title Page, Preface, Precis, Table of Contents & Prologue [7 pages]


Part I - Introduction [pages 1 - 8]

l Overall Thesis and Objective

2 (Prefatory Remarks)

3 On Testing and Proving a Hypothesis


Part II - On the Origin of the Universe [pages 9 - 28]

4 The Problem of Origin

5 The Hypothesis (1) - The Origin of Diversity      

6 The Hypothesis (2) - The Origin of Matter and Energy  

7 Time, Space and Nothing  

8 Comparison of Theories     


Part III - On the Mechanics of the Universe [pages 29 - 48]

9 The Problem of Physics     


10 The Probable Beginning [pages 49 - 61]

Detail Notes:

1 Differential Calculus, Derivatives           

2 Analysis: All Derivatives Finite, Selecting U(t)  


A Model for the Universe

11 (1) - Electric Field and Charge [pages 62 - 69]



12 (2) - Mass and Matter [pages 70 - 90]

Detail Notes:

3 The Units of Charge and of Coulomb's Law       


13 (3) - Motion and Relativity [pages 91 - 117]

Detail Notes:

4 Derivation of Mass, Energy in Rest, Kinetic Form        

5 Integral Calculus (Mathematics of Summing Infinitesimals)      


14 (4) - Magnetic and Electromagnetic Field (1st half ) [pages 118 - 138]         


14 (4) - Magnetic and Electromagnetic Field (2nd half )
[pages 139 - 158]

Detail Notes:

6 Integration Details for Magnetic Field Derivations

7 Maxwell's Equations         


15 (5) - Quanta and the Atom (1st half) [pages 159 - 188]


15 (5) - Quanta and the Atom (2nd half) [pages 189 - 231]

Detail Notes:

8 Analysis of Some Minor Effects on Orbital Electron Motion     

9 Orbital Electron Energy Analysis


16 (6) - The Neutron, Newton's Laws (1st half) [pages 232 - 261]


16 (6) - The Neutron, Newton's Laws (2nd half) [pages 262 - 292]


17 (7) - The Atomic Nucleus - The Nuclear Species [pages 293 - 329]


18 (8) - Radioactivity [pages 330 - 341]


19 (9) - Gravitation (1st half) [pages 342 - 365]


19 (9) - Gravitation (2nd half) [pages 366 - 391]

Detail Notes:

10 Analysis of Coulomb Focusing Details  


20 (10) - The "Cosmic Egg" [pages 392 - 413]

[End of Model]

Detail Notes:

11 Calculation of the Cosn(x) Limitation   


21 The Probable End (1st half) [pages 414 - 445]

Detail Notes:

12 Solving the 2nd Order Linear Differential Equation with Constant Coefficients


21 The Probable End (2nd half) [pages 446 - 471]


Detail Notes:

13 The Cosmos Now and Its Expansion From The Origin To The Present
[pages 472 – 503]



Part IV - On the Mechanism of Intelligence and its Origin
           [pages 504 - 525]

22 The Problem of Intelligence      

23 Universals and Perception - (1)    


24 Universals and Perception - (2) [pages 526 - 554]

25 Concepts, Thoughts, Thinking and Memory      

26 Purposive Behavior: Goals, Motivation and Consciousness      

27 Free Will and Predestination, Artificial Intelligence and Conclusion  


Part V - Implications for the Individual and Society [pages 555 - 583]

28 The Philosophic Principles of Rational Being and
Return to the Original Thesis: Love

29 The Individual and Social Nature of Man and His Creation, Society  

30 The Evolution to Civilization      


Appendices:  List of Appendices

Appendix A.  The “Cosmic Egg” and the 21st Century Cosmology “Big Bang”
                        Initial “Inflation”

Appendix B.  Entanglement and Quantum Mechanics

Appendix C.   “Black Holes”

Epilogue 1

Epilogue 2



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