Some "Thought Experiments"

About the Physics of "The Origin and Its Meaning"

First Set -- FIELD

 Experiment 1 -- Electric Field


- Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, c. Given two static electric charges separated and with the usual Coulomb force between them, if one of the charges is moved the change can produce no effect on the other charge until a time equal to the distance between them divided by c has elapsed.


- To produce that effect there must be something flowing from the one charge to the other at speed c and, therefore, the charge must be the source of that flow.


 The Coulomb effect is radially outward from the charge, therefore every charge must be propagating such a flow radially outward in all directions from itself, which flow must be the "field".

 Experiment 2 -- Motion of Charge and "At Rest"


- We compare two such charges, one moving at constant velocity relative to the other. At least one of the charges is moving with some velocity, v.


- The flow (of "field") outward from that charge must always travel at c. Forward it would go at [c + v] if propagated at c from the source charge already moving that way at v. Therefore, it must be sent forward from the charge at [c - v] so that it will travel at c when the v of its source charge is added.


- Analogously, rearward it would go at speed [c - v] if propagated at c from the source charge already moving the opposite way at v. Therefore, it must be emitted rearward from the charge at [c + v] so that it will travel at speed c when the v of the source charge in the opposite direction is subtracted.


- But, that means that the direction and speed of motion can be determined by looking at the propagation pattern of the flow as propagated by the charge.


 And, if the pattern were the same in all directions then the charge would be truly "at rest", which means that there is an absolute "at rest" frame of reference.

 Experiment 3 -- Magnetic and Gravitational Fields


- Except for the kind of field, all of the preceding applies in the same way and with the same conclusions for magnetic field and gravitational field as for electric field.


- Therefore, either a particle that exhibits all three such fields, as for example a proton or an electron, is a source of three separate and distinct such flows, one for each field, or there is only a single such flow which produces all three effects: electric, magnetic, and gravitational.


 The only reasonable conclusion is that electric field, magnetic field, and gravitational field are different effects of the same sole flow from the source particles.

 Experiment 4 Sources, Their Decay, and What It Is That Is Flowing


- The flow is not inconsequential. Rather, it is substantial in that it produces the forces, actions and energies of our universe.


- For a particle to emit such a flow the particle must be a source of whatever it is that is emitted and then flows outward. The particle must have a supply of it.


- The process of emitting the flow from a particle must deplete the supply resource for the particle's emitting further flow, must use up part of its supply, else we would have something-from-nothing and a violation of conservation.


 We must conclude that an original supply [of whatever the flow is, which we now call "medium"] came into existence at the beginning of the universe and has since been gradually decaying, has been gradually being depleted at each particle by the on-going outward flow from each particle.

- The flow is a property of contemporary particles. Those particles are evolved successors to the original oscillations with which the universe began. Then, that which is flowing is the same original primal "medium", the substance of the original oscillations at the beginning of the universe.

 Since it is flowing outward from each of the myriad particles of the universe simultaneously and that flow is interacting with myriad others of those particles without untoward interference, the "medium" must be extremely intangible for all of that to take place, any one particle's flow flowing largely freely through that of other particles, as intangible as -- well -- as "field".

 Experiment 5 -- The Beginning


- Before the universe began there was no universe. Immediately afterward there was the initial supply of medium to be propagated by particles. How can one get from the former to the latter while: (1) not involving an infinite rate of change, and (2) maintaining conservation ?


 The only form that can accommodate the change from nothing to something in a smooth transition that avoids any sudden or infinite rate of change is the oscillatory form

A[1 - Cosine(2πft)].

 The only way that such a form can come into existence without violating conservation is for there simultaneously to come into existence a second form that is of equal magnitude and identical in every sense except that it is opposite to the above first form; it cancels, yields a net nothing, in combination with the first form, the form

-A[1 - Cosine(2πft)].

 Interim Summary


 The amplitude, A or A, of the [1 - Cosine] form oscillation corresponds to the amplitude of the flow emitted from the source particle, which flow corresponds to the electric field. Thus the oscillation amplitude corresponds to the charge magnitude -- the fundamental electric charge, q or q, in the case of the corresponding fundamental particles.

 That is, the conservation-maintaining distinction, amplitude A versus amplitude -A, is and corresponds to our positive and negative charge distinction.

 The frequency, f, of the [1 - Cosine] form oscillation corresponds to the energy and mass of the source particle. The energy of the oscillation is W = hf (in which the h is Planck's Constant) and the mass is m = W/c2 = hf/c2.

Therefore, corresponding to the mass of the source particle, the frequency aspect of the radially outward medium flow is the "gravitational field".

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