About PDF and File Formats

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and PDF file names are of the form Filename.pdf.

PDF files can only be properly read, viewed and printed out by the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a product of Adobe Systems, Inc. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is distributed free of charge by Adobe Systems, Inc. To download a free copy of the reader go to http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html .

The files on this The-Origin.org website are of three types.

1. Htm [HyperTextMarkup] files such as you are now reading and the main page and indexes of this site.

2. Files that are a gif [Graphic Image Format] image in an htm file, referred to as htm+gif.

3. Files that are pdf as described above.

The various articles, papers, descriptions, and so forth available at this site by clicking on the applicable [blue] hyperlink are available in two alternative formats: htm+gif and pdf whichever you click on.

The htm+gif format loads faster for quick access and viewing and is usually better for viewing figures; however, its typographic quality is poorer. But, if you lack graphics capability and can only view text you will not do well with the htm+gif files.

The pdf format takes longer to load and to print out and there may be figure and symbol viewing defects, but it gives a better typographic appearance as printed. In general then: view htm+gif; print-out pdf.

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