How You Can Help Bring About

The Evolution to The Humane Rational Civilization of

The Society of Social Love


The most important is that . . .

To the extent we each practice and teach

the society of cooperation and sharing, true civilization,

each person acting for the welfare of all others

not selfishly pursuing his own interests at the expense of others,

. . . to that extent we each help create The Society of Social Love.

This is because:

First. The only way to receive considerate and humane treatment is for another person to give it. But we all are "another person" to other persons. Therefore, the only way for us all to receive considerate and humane treatment is for us all to consistently give such treatment.

Considerate humane treatment requires cooperation, not competition.

Second In a society functioning on competition for wealth, power, and control there will always be a pyramid of success with a small number of winners at the top and the rest of us below. The chance of being a winner is very small.                

In our competitive society the vast majority of us are losers not winners.

The evolution to a humane society, to true civilization is:

Necessary because the competitive struggle benefits only a few winners, it wastes and destroys resources and production that could benefit us all and, to stay on top, the winners' repression makes inhumane society for the rest of us.

Possible because generation by generation we have been very gradually raising our standards of behavior toward each other and very gradually eliminating our worst practices toward each other.

How can we further this action and contribute to this progress ?  By these four things:

Recognize that the progress of social evolution is by raising humane standards and eliminating worst abuses. Work to achieve more humane standards. Act to improve worst conditions.

Enroll and inform fellow persons, all society, in that recognition, that work, that contribution to progress.         

Practice considerate, humane behavior toward everyone in daily life -- those "close" and those not, those "deserving" and those not, and especially those less advantaged.

Patiently persist. Work hard at the project and persist in patience. 

See "The Evolution to Civilization"


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