Beginning from Nothing :


The Origin of the Universe from Nothing

To account for existence it is necessary to show why it is as compared to the alternative, which is no existence, nothing. Thus one must begin at the beginning, "nothing". The starting point is absolute nothing -- the state before there was anything, before everything. It is the only state that requires no explanation nor accounting for its existence. It is naturally what one would expect before anything started.

There is only one postulate needed, and it is the only one available: An infinity is impossible in material reality. The reason for this is that the existence of any real infinity results in contradictions. The contradictions (e.g. the irresistible force encounters the immovable object) are impossible therefore infinity is impossible, except as a non-material theoretical concept.

A corollary to this is: Conservation must be maintained. The inputs and outputs, the amounts at the start, any intermediate stages, and the finish must reconcile. There can be no overall loss nor gain, no something from nothing (nor nothing from something).

But, starting from nothing and maintaining conservation would appear to preclude any further progress, any universe at all. Yet, paraphrasing Descartes, "I [a part of the universe] think, therefore the universe is."       

The resolution of this dilemma is simple and leads directly to the proven physics of our contemporary universe:

              The primal nothing changed into "something" and a conservation-                
                     maintaining  equal - but - opposite  "un-something".

That initial event was so unstable that it exploded too immediately for the two opposites to recombine and cancel. That explosion was an immense shower of matter particles and energy now referred to as the "big bang".

The development from that event, that is, a logical and mathematical derivation of the fundamental laws of physics from the nature and conditions of that beginning, shows that our universe is the joint operation of the "something" and the "un-something", which together result in the universe's fundamental particles. See the discussion of derivation of  the laws of physics .

Thus was the origin of the universe.



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