The Origin and Its Meaning

Grand Unification

A Grand Unified Theory has become the holy grail of 20th Century physics.

The search is for one equation, one overall understanding, that unites the multiplicity of fields and forces into one "parent" field and force.

This from a science that does not understand a number of fundamentals of what it is trying to solve. For example, contemporary science:


 Defines the "stable orbits" of atoms as stable because they obviously are -- but with no idea of why or how,

 Cites a "Pauli Exclusion Principle" to explain orbital quantum structure -- with no idea why it is so (except that Pauli, who is not God, said so),

 Uses "field" to explain action-at-a-distance -- with no idea what field is or how and why the action occurs,

 Acknowledges that light behaves as a wave and behaves as a particle -- with no resolution of the dilemma,

 Is unable to join gravity with the rest of physics -- it remains where Newton put it,

 Relishes relativity and its effects -- while having no understanding of the how and why of them.

The Origin and Its Meaning

does for physics what Euclid did for geometry -- it supersedes mere empirical conclusions with derivation of all of physics, even all of the above unsolved aspects.


The Origin and Its Meaning

naturally is a Grand Unified Theory -- it incorporates all fields and their effects into one medium of action and all forces into being simply different aspects of its natural behavior.