Scientific Papers Derived from the Developments in
“The Origin and Its Meaning”

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Scientific Paper


  Cosmology Overall

     - How and Why the Universe Began

Universe Origin

     - Cosmic Inflation, the Beginning of the Universe, and the Origin of the Various Elements

Cosmic Inflation

     - The Problem of Big Bang Matter vs. AntiMatter Symmetry

Matter - Antimatter

     - Analysis of the "Big Bang" and the Resulting Outward Cosmic Expansion:  Hubble - Einstein Cosmology vs. The Universal Exponential Decay

Cosmic Expansion

     - The Problem of the Age of the Universe and the Earliest Galaxies

Universe Age

     - On the Validation of Physics Theories – Several Examples

Validation of Theories

  Dark Matter, Dark energy & the Universal Decay

     - The Direct Contradiction Between Two Popular Hypotheses --
Cosmic Acceleration / Quintessence and Dark Matter, and Its Implications



     - A Comprehensive Resolution of the Pioneer 10 and 11 "Anomalous Acceleration" Problem Presented in the Comprehensive Report "Study of the Anomalous Acceleration of Pioneer 10 and 11" and the Relationship of that Issue to "Dark Matter", "Dark Energy", and the Cosmological Model

Pioneer Anomalous Acceleration

     - A Common Solution: Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the Pioneer Anomaly

Common Solution

     - Analysis of The Anomalous Orbital-Energy Changes Observed in Spacecraft Flybys of Earth

Flyby Anomalies

     - The Explanation of the New Astronomical Distance Data That Has
Resulted From Measurements of Type Ia Supernovae Lies Not In a
Cosmological Constant and Accelerating Expansion Nor in “Dark
Energy”; Rather, It Is Another Aspect / Effect of the General
Exponential Decay of the Overall Universe

Type Ia Supernovae

     - On the General Galactic Flow Toward a Location “At the Edge” of the Visible Universe

Galactic Flow

     - On Five Independent Phenomena Sharing a Common Cause –

      [The General Contraction of the Universe by Exponential Decay]

Universal Contraction

  Gravitation and Mass

     - The Problem of Understanding Gravitation

Understanding Gravitation

     - Gravitational Equivalent Frequency, the Planck Length and Matter


     - Inertial Mass, Its Mechanics - What It Is; How It Operates

Inertial Mass

     - How and Why Inertial and Gravitational Mass are Equal and Identical

Equal and Identical

  Comprehensive Gravitation

     - Comprehensive Gravitation

Comprehensive Gravitation

     - Connecting Newton’s G With the Rest of Physics – Modern
       Newtonian Gravitation Resolving the Problem of “Big G’s” Value

Connecting G

     - The Experimental Data Validation of Modern Newtonian Gravitation
       over General Relativity Gravitation

Validation Data

     - The Mechanics of Gravitation – What It Is; How It Operates

Gravitation Mechanics

     - Gravitational and Anti-Gravitational Applications



     - The Einstein - Lorentz Dispute Revisited

Einstein vs Lorentz

     - That, Contrary to Einstein, There Is An Absolute Frame of Reference

Absolute Frame

  Atomic and Nuclear Physics

     - A Reconsideration of Matter Waves

Matter Waves

     - Resolution of the Wave / Particle Dilemma of Light and the Photon

Resolution Wave-Particle

     - A New Look at the Neutron and the Lamb Shift

Neutron & Lamb Shift

     - The Neutron Decay Into a Proton and an Electron Faults the General Quark Hypothesis

Neutron & Quarks

     - Matter Waves and Orbital Quantum Numbers

Atomic Electron Orbits

     - Polytopes and Nuclear Structure

Nuclear Structure

     - The Problem of the Photon

Problem of the Photon

  General Physics

     - On the Principles of Locality and Local Realism

Locality & Local Realism

     - Entanglement and Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

     - The Stable Atomic Electron Orbits and Quantum Mechanics

The Stable Electron Orbits
& Quantum Mechanics

     - On Causality,  Impossibility  and“The Scientific Method”


     - Fundamental Criticism of Fine Structure Constant Evolution



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