The Origin and Its Meaning

On:  The Origin of the Universe and Its Mechanics [ Physics ] ,

The Mechanism and Origin of Human Intelligence ,

And the Implications for the Individual and Society


 First:  From absolute nothing, HOW and WHY the universe came into existence at a single point – then exploded outward in the “Big Bang”.

 Then:  Proving the validity of that beginning by Mathematically & Logically Deriving  from it the physics of today’s universe.

 To, finally:  The analysis and evolution of the civilization that must arise from that Origin.


An  Important  Result  is  As  Follows.

   I t  is  now  possible  to  deflect  gravitational  action  away  from  an  object  so  that  the  object  is  partially  levitated.

   T hat  enables  extracting  energy  from  Earth’s  gravity with  Gravito-Electric  power  generating  plants  which,  like  hydro-electric  plants,  use  no  fuel and are non-polluting.

   I t  also  enables  Gravitation  Deflection  drives  for space craft in place  of  rockets  and  for  flying  vehicles in place of airplanes.

     Controlling and Using Gravitation

    Science is the process of reasoning "down" and "back" from directly observable present physical effects and contemporary cosmological events to ever more indirectly observable sub-microscopic physical effects and ever more distant and difficult to access past cosmological events.

    But, knowing the details of the very beginning of the universe we can reason forward and derive, predict, from that our present directly observable physical effects and cosmological events.

    And, that the knowing of the details of the beginning and reasoning forward from it actually produces a direct and comprehensive match to the actual tangible, present universe, is validation and proof of that very beginning from which the reasoning began and all of its consequent implications.


 The  Science  of  The  Origin
All  of  physics  derived  from  the  Universe's  Origin  --  vs. being  mere  empirical  observations.
The Human Mind and Intelligence



 The  Philosophy  of  The  Origin
How  our  universe  came  to  be  and  how  in  it we  can  evolve  rational  humane  civilization.



 The  Origin  and  Its  Meaning

On  the  Origin  of  the  Universe  and  Its  Mechanics,
The  Mechanism  and  Origin  of  Intelligence,
and  the  Implications  for  the  Individual  and  Society
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 On the Nature of Matter

The origin of the Universe created matter

fundamentally wave in nature, not particulate.


The origin of matter - its cause;

The behavior of matter - its form;

Matter’s interactions – Coulomb’s Law [electroststics],

Ampere’s Law [electromagnetics] and Newton’s Laws;

Matter Waves;  Atomic Orbital Electrons;  Gravitation;

Matter and Atoms;

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 The Trouble With the Hubble Law

Significant  Data  evidences  that  the  Hubble  Law

treatment  of  redshifts  is  not  valid.


An  alternative  treatment  of  redshifts  is  evidenced  by

four  independent  observed  cosmological  effects.

The  result  greatly  changes  cosmic  distance  measurements

and  the  determination  of  the  age  of  the  Universe.

The Cosmos’ expansion from the Origin to the present

is calculated and plotted.

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About the Respective roles of Science and Philosophy and their importance:
Science and Philosophy

On the Effect of Science on the Behavior of Human Society:
Science and Society



 The Philosophic Principles of Rational Being

Reality  ·  Truth  ·  Knowledge  ·  Goodness  ·  Justice  ·  Virtue  ·  Beauty  ·  Love
Plus  more  Philosophy on:  Happiness,  Human Nature,  Human  Society,  Civilization, 
Government,  Education,  Determinism,  Free Will,  and  Death
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Practical application of scientific principles from
The Origin and Its Meaning:



The  Physics  of  the  Behavior  and  Control  of  Gravitation

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Why  “The Origin and Its Meaning”  is so Important


for a rational human civilization and its progress.





Would you like to know . . .


  How and why the universe began ?

                                                                               .  .  .  .  .  .  "Universe Beginning"

  What the universe’ outward expansion since the Big Bang looks like ?

                                                                               .  .  .  .  .  .  .  “CosmicExpansion”

  What gravitational mass is and how it does what it does ?

                                                                                                        .  .  .  .  .  .  . "Gravitational Mass"

 What inertial mass is and how it does what it does ?

                                                                                                        .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . "Inertial Mass" 

  What gravitional and inertial mass are and why they are equal ?

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   "Mass Identity" 






The  Universal  Decay


     Since the “Big Bang” beginning of the Universe its energy and matter have been slowly decaying in magnitude – somewhat  as the sound of a bell or gong, which having been struck then rings in decaying loudness until essentially silent.


     The rate of the Universe’s decay is extremely slow, taking over 7.5 billion years to decay down to half its original magnitude. 


     We should not be able to detect the decay because it is so slow compared to our human lifetime and because we ourselves and all of our measuring instruments are likewise decaying in the same fashion.


     But, the discovery of five independent phenomena over the  past hundred years, for each of which science has no satisfactory explanation each of which is seemingly unrelated to the others, are now found to be related, sharing the same underlying cause:


The  Universal  Decay.


     The five independent discoveries having the same common underlying cause are:

-  Galactic Rotation Curves indicating Dark Matter

-  the Pioneer Anomaly

-  the Flybys Anomaly

-  the Dark Flow Anomaly

-  Astronomical Redshifts

To find out more see:

On Five Independent Phenomena Sharing a Common Cause





  How can we know that  The Origin and Its Meaning  is correct?   Proof of Validity.


T h e    M e a n i n g

What  is  the  point,  the  meaning  of  it  all ?



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